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Chris was born an entrepreneur who eventually found his true calling as a real estate agent.

Born and raised in the suburbs of the San Francisco bay, Chris moved to LA to pursue his education over 25 years ago and has been in love ever since. A man on the move, Chris never stays in one place for too long before his fascination with southern California moves him to the next LA subculture. From Santa Monica, to Pasadena, to Culver City, to Hollywood, to the Valley, Chris has experienced the richness of the greater LAarea and enjoys helping his clients find their unique slice of it.

Before his passion met his profession in real estate, Chris put his business acumen and negotiating skills to work in the technology industry as the Director of Business Development for Strategic accounts in a major wireless tech firm. His unique mix of strategic vision, market insight, communication skills, and consistent work-ethic drove both his career and his employing firm to new heights year-after-year.

While still a consultant to the tech industry, Chris launched a chain of electronics retail franchise locations around LA giving him greater freedom to explore his entrepreneurial instincts and take risks to test new processes and strategies.

Becoming involved in LA real estate in 2012, Chris knew that he had found his professional home. Understanding the market place both as an investor, an agent, and a home owner, Chris sees each transaction from all possible angles. Coming along-side his clients, Chris puts every ounce of business instinct, market knowledge, strategic thinking, and negotiating skills to work to find and secure the best move for every one of them.


Bi-Lingual, Senior Specialist

Katherine Yu Simms brings much more to the team than a woman’s touch. Real Estate has been the family business since she was a child growing up in the San Gabriel Valley working in her uncle’s real estate office. With native fluency in both Chinese and English, Katherine lives, works, and serves in the community where she was born and raised.Licensed for over 15 years AND serving as the marketing director for senior assisted living facilities for more than a decade, Katherine has developed specialization not only in luxury homes but also in helping seniors find their most ideal living situation.

Katherine is among the exceptionally few Certified Senior Real Estate Specialists(SRES) in the state of California. She is an expert in the unique needs of older adults in the community in which she has lived for 40+ years and all of the housing options available to them. The in-depth training she received for the SRES Certification added to her already substantial knowledge of senior housing and the unique opportunities available to them for financing homes. Additionally, her expertise includes helping with senior tax matters, financing options, and help planning trusts and assisting with ‘aging in place.’

Katherine not only understands the clients she has made her focus, but she truly cares for them and becomes their advocate, translator, and trusted friend as they navigate the often bumping road to their new home.

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Marketing/Social Media

94% of real estate transactions begin on-line and social media is increasingly the focal point of communication both for keeping up with friends AND finding the products and services that fit your lifestyle whether it be food, clothes, or homes.Pernell Marsh is a social media and digital marketing strategist who specializes in building impact and growth for a business, persona, product or home. With 10 plus years in marketing, Pernell brings a multichannel response to marketing initiatives. He believes in the power of marketing as a communication piece, understands the necessity of online and offline engagement, and considers building relationships as vital. Pernell has a B.A. from Pepperdine University and a Professional Certificate in Marketing and New Media Fundamentals from UCLA.

More than 1 billion people in the world are on Facebook, including over 175 million Americans: that is, every 1 in 2 American adults. Twitter recently surpassed 400 million accounts. LinkedIn boasts over 200 million users.

Pernell Marsh puts your home at the fingertips of the greatest number of people via internet marketing and social media to ensure that it finds its way in the right hands.


Administrative Analyst

With over seven years of business experience and a degree in Design and Technology, Phoebe supports the team in all aspects of back office, marketing, and technical optimization.

Phoebe’s superior time management and organizational skills dramatically increase the capacity of our Agents making each client feel like the only one. She is ready to answer the phone, respond to e-mails, and connect with you when the need is urgent.

More than an assistant, Phoebe brings problem solving and process improvement to all aspects of our Agent’s work. She not only makes sure things get done right, but get done better…every time.

Creating graphics for feature films and such notable companies as Apple, Inc, Phoebe’s fluency with technology and marketing aesthetics is perfectly suited to a real estate market more and more dominated the internet and visual media. Phoebe is standing by to help us help you!